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What is the Western Harbour

The Western Harbour is the area surrounding the entrance to Bristol Docks from the river Avon. It has played a central role in the life of Bristol since William Jessop designed and built the floating Harbour in 1806.

Why Record the Heritage Assets

In 2019 Bristol City Council consulted on plans to replace the Plimsoll swing Bridge and associated road system and re-develop the Western Harbour area. https://www.bristol.gov.uk/planning-and-building-regulations/western-harbour . The original proposals met with considerable local resistance and there is now a longer consultation period to inform a new approach to the development.

The Western Harbour has a large number of items of historical significance and many are associated with engineers with international reputation including I K Brunel and Joseph Whitworth. They are not well known, some important mechanisms are hidden, and the significance of others is not obvious.

Who are we

A small group of members of the Bristol Civic Society who are collating and recording information about Heritage assets in the area.

Purpose of this site

The site is being used to organise information. It will not be particularly user friendly and may contain errors until this stage of the work is complete.